About Us

Rude Vulture is a joint project between two friends with a tremendous appetite for pop culture. We’ve started this blog to document our opinions, information and other resources surrounding fandoms and cultural phenomenon.

While there are plenty of websites that talk about various aspects of fandom – we see ourselves contributing to the discourse and hopefully pointing out some interesting features of the pop culture in everyday life.

Many are quick to point out just how difficult it is to succeed in the blogosphere. We’ve taken to this blog also as a social experiment. An experiment in commitment, dedication and the strive to succeed. We hope you’ll follow along and enjoy the content. And as always, we invite you to contact us if you have any questions about this fun project.

While it should be noted that our name contains the adjective rude – it’s fair to say we’re dedicated to keeping the site family friendly. Any perceived rudeness can be attributed to our opinions which at times could be called harsh.


Sophie Monroe

Sophie Monroe is the electrifying force behind pop culture journalism. With a pen that pulses with the beat of the zeitgeist, Sophie fearlessly dives into the depths of all things trending. From the silver screen to the airwaves, Sophie’s razor-sharp wit and unmatched enthusiasm captivate readers with every word. Armed with encyclopedic knowledge of trends, movies, and sports, Sophie effortlessly dissects the latest releases and dissects the hottest trends. Her unique perspective and knack for spotting emerging talent make her a sought-after voice in the industry. Through their words, Sophie unveils the secrets of pop culture, inviting readers into a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Taylor Miller

Taylor has an insatiable appetite for all things trendy, He has become a prominent figure in entertainment journalism. Born with a keen eye for detail, he effortlessly dissects the latest trends. His witty and insightful commentary captures the essence of the pop culture landscape, making readers feel like they’re right in the midst of the action.

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