Beginnings Are Hard

I’ve been combating writer’s block for a couple of months now. It’s caused by this blog. For 6 years now I’ve earned my paycheck as a content creator – but on many of those occasions I was being exploited. It’s hard for me to even verbalize it.

Recently I’ve been exploring themes of partnership a lot in my personal life. Previously I’ve worked for several content farms, for lack of a better term. I have to say I didn’t see myself as being exploited there because I accelerated at being a content creator and was in many ways capable of cranking copious amounts of readable materials on a range of topics. It’s only recently that I’ve started re-examining these relationships. It’s fair to say I still have a publishing partner in this endeavor. But our relationship in particular seems to be very different.

In many ways I think I’m repeating that same old pattern even now. Even today, in this venture I have a publishing partner. Someone who shares my vision and is privy to a lot of my most private thoughts and feelings. For the better. And for the worse.

This has lead me to re-examine why I’ve opted to become a sidekick for these men in my life. In all 3 of these cases the relationship was mutually beneficial from the get go. I made a talented worker bee and what I lacked in creativity I more than made up for in reliability and consistency. Through the years I’ve always seen myself as the creative type – but my creativity was always restrained and differed from what we consider creativity in modern day society. I was more of a growth hacker than capable of producing any kind of art.

My partner would say I lack initiative. I would call it more being terrified of changing anything. In this blog I will try to introduce my studies of pop cultural phenomenon that touch upon my interests – martial arts, pop culture, influencer culture and growth hacking. These cases are sometimes hard to observe and contextualize – but nevertheless I will still try. I hope you stick around – and if you have any questions feel free to email over on the contact us page.